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Broken Bone Repair

Every year in the U.S., about six million people break a bone, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, making fractures one of the most common types of orthopedic injuries. The good news: Most fractures heal well and the bone’s structure and...

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PRP and Sports Injuries: What You Should Know

Injuries can have a big impact on your ability to participate in the activities you love, and when you receive treatment, you want to be sure your recovery will be as fast - and as complete - as possible. Tapping into the body’s own natural healing processes plays an...

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My Knee Hurts!

"Dr. Cook my knee hurts" is probably the single most common complaint I hear in my office. Pair that with countless years of medical school and you end up becoming pretty familiar with the human knee. Since these injuries are so common, I thought I’d write a blog post...

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How Do I Know?

The question of the day is "How do I know?" How do I know if my child is hurt enough to take to the doctor? Let's face it--kids fall and get hurt all the time. It's what they do. Their primary job is to run, jump, and play and injuries are bound to happen. So how do...

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